The new NFC wallet card

NFC wallet card is an offline hardware wallet to securely store cryptocurrencies, passwords and sensitive data.

Powered by NFC technology

Modern smartphones have an integrated NFC module on their backside, which can be used to interact with our cards.

Cold storage wallet card powered by NFC technology

Our cards are equipped with the highest quality NFC chips to benefit from the advantages of this contactless technology.

The NFC technology

Exclusive and modern product design

All of our cards have the same dimensions, they are 55 mm wide and 85 mm tall, like most of the plastic cards you already have, so they can perfectly fit into any card holders and regular wallets.

Very secure NFC cold storage wallet card

We developed a super sleek, extra lightweight design, the cards are 0.4 mm thin, and their weight is only 1.85 grams.

We are a green company, so we decided to make a product which is as environmental friendly as possible.

Our cards have a six-layer design and contain only 0.2725 grams of plastic. This means 94.7% less plastic consumption compared to regular plastic cards.

The NFC chip itself is fully covered by an acrylic coat, so the most important part of the card is totally waterproof.

Cold storage protection for important personal data

This product is designed to be a very secure cold storage hardware for cryptocurrencies, passwords and sensitive data, but you can use it to securely store any kind of secret text you want to protect.

Smart NFC based cold storage data protection

NFC wallet card is a truly offline hardware, so you can be sure, you have full control over it.

Technical overview

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