Technical overview

Our mission is to provide a secure and easy-to-use solution for sensitive data protection.

Protection for important secret data

NFC wallet card is an innovative way to protect your important secret data, it is a very secure offline data storage for sensitive secret codes.

Secure cold storage protection for secret data

This product is designed to be a very secure cold storage hardware for cryptocurrencies, passwords and sensitive data, but you can use it to securely store any kind of secret text code you want to protect.

Powered by NFC technology

Near Field Communication provides easy data connection over the air, without the need of any cables or ports.

Very secure NFC cold storage data protection

Our cards are equipped with the highest quality NFC chips to benefit from the advantages of this contactless technology.

The NFC technology

Secure cold storage protection for secret data

NFC wallet card is a truly offline hardware, which is a huge advantage for security reasons.

Cold storage data protection with NFC technology

As a passive device, the chip simply does not have the ability to interact with it's environment, so you can be sure, you have full control over the hardware.

Use the free mobile application to access all features and security levels!

Environmental friendly modern design

We decided to make an environmental friendly product, while providing an exclusive look and feel using the highest quality materials available.

NFC wallet card product design

We developed a super sleek, extra lightweight design, our cards have a six-layer structure and contain only 0.2725 grams of plastic.

Product design

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