Additional encryption with security levels

Security levels are protecting your wallet and key cards, even if others are able to physically access them.

Security levels for encrypted protection

Security levels are additional features, available exclusively in the free mobile application we develop.

NFC Wallet Card mobile application

Levels above zero can be used to encrypt your data before saving it to the card. This way the secret data will be protected even if others are able to access your card.

Mobile application

Security level zero

Security level zero

Level zero means no applied encryption at all.

This level is useful if you do not need additional data encryption, but want to use the wallet card as an offline medium of storage.

When this level is selected, your data will be written directly to the card as plain text.

Secure solution if you have full physical access control over the card, but this level is also useful for gifts, crypto giveaways, and you can also use it to quickly share some data with others offline.

Security level one

Level one provides additional layer of protection by encrypting the data before saving it to the card.

When this security level is selected, you will be asked to enter an encryption password, which will be used to encrypt the data you want to store on the card.

The same encryption password will be needed to open the card and get the original data it stores.

Security level one

Security level two

Security level two

This level is very similar to level one, but instead of an encryption password, a key card will be used to encrypt the data.

The key card is a hardware key, which contains a very strong encryption key you do not need to remember.

This level is ideal if you do not want to remember the encryption password, but have a key card to use.

In this case you can access the encrypted data using the key card instead of an encryption password.

Security level three

Security level three combines the advantages of the previous two levels.

When this level is applied, both an encryption password and a key card will be used to encrypt the data. This way you can use the key card as a 2FA hardware key.

Using security level three you will need the encryption password and the key card to open the wallet card and access the data it stores.

2FA key card

Security level three

How to use security levels

All of these security levels are available in our free application for the cards we offer.

Security levels are protecting the NFC cards

Applied security levels are independent things both for the wallet and the key cards.

For example your wallet card can have security level two, while a key card is having level one applied.

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