Secure offline password storage

NFC wallet card is a perfect way to securely store your most important password offline.

The problem we solved

We all have accounts protected by passwords. If you care about information security, you must already know that strong passwords are long and really hard to remember, because they contain a lot of random characters.

NFC wallet card offers secure password protection

Saving passwords to the browser's storage is not a secure way to store them, because if somebody can access your computer, your passwords can be stolen easily.

Password managers are usually running on a computer with internet connection, and some of these softwares even synchronize data over their cloud service, which is a potential security problem, because they are direct targets of hackers.

You should never share your passwords with any kind of third party anyway!

Writing passwords to a paper seems to be a good option, but you still have the risk that somebody will access and read them.

Protection for important passwords

Our wallet cards can be used to securely store your most important passwords offline.

Because of the passive NFC architecture and our strict application policy, you can securely store and view your passwords, while being offline.

If you have an account you can not afford to loose, use our wallet card, and secure your password as soon as you can!

The NFC wallet card protects passwords offline

You can use our free application to encrypt and save your password to the wallet card. The application runs offline, and never ever access the internet.

The app comes with multiple kind of security levels, so you can be sure that your passwords are safe, even if others can physically access your wallet cards.

Technical overview

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