Cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies

NFC wallet card is a very secure, truly offline hardware, an innovative cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Cold wallet for any cryptocurrencies

NFC wallet card is a universal hardware, a contactless and reusable custom banknote, a physical and optionally encrypted digital wallet, a protected medium to securely store a reserve of any kind of cryptocurrencies or digital assets.

NFC Wallet Card is a universal, reusable and contactless custom banknote, a digital but physical, optionally encrypted hardware wallet for any cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ripple xrp, litecoin, monero, iota, etc

This is a very lightweight, non-transactional cold storage hardware wallet to securely store cryptocurrencies offline using contactless NFC technology.

Our innovative cold storage solution

Most hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies are micro computers, with all the disadvantages like the need of a power source, the risk of failure of single components, potential hardware and software vulnerabilities, non-transparent operation and so on...

But we recognized the fact, that this kind of complexity comes with too much unneeded risks and unnecessary attack vectors.

NFC cold storage hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ripple xrp, litecoin, monero, iota, etc)

So instead of creating another complex hardware, we focus on utilizing the features of the mobile device we all have already.

This leads to a more stable and transparent operation, while being much more cost effective!

Secure cold storage protection

The most important goal we achieved during the development of our product is the outstanding security it has.

NFC hardware wallet for ANY kind of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, ripple's xrp, litecoin, monero, etc

The NFC hardware we have integrated to the wallet card always remains offline, so the biggest security issue is solved by the architecture itself.

Cards are open by default, so you can use them out-of-the-box with any NFC software and mobile application you like.

Using our free application you have access to all additional security features, which give you an easy-to-use toolset to manage your cards. In the app you can choose from multiple security levels suitable for your needs.

Due to these security levels, your cards will be protected even if others are able to physically access them.

Outstanding compatibility

The NFC wallet card natively supports any kind of cryptocurrencies, which are based on a private key or a secret code.

NFC cold storage wallet card is supporting ANY cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple's xrp, litecoin, monero and much more

Yes you read it right. Any! Even those that not exist yet. NFC wallet card is a solution to securely store any kind of secret text data, which makes is very useful to protect your private key.

Technical overview

Secure protection for cryptocurrencies

This product is an NFC based cold storage solution with secure data encryption.

You can use the wallet card to securely store your private key, but it is also suitable for redeemable cryptocurrency codes as well.

NFC cold storage hardware wallet card for ANY crypto (bitcoin, ethereum, ripple's xrp and much more

We developed a rock solid solution to protect the interest of crypto holders and investors.

NFC wallet card is a perfect way to create an encrypted offline backup of your private key, seed or password!

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