Powered by Near Field Communication technology

NFC is a great technology that provides data connection over the air, without the need of any cables or ports.

Data connection with a single easy move

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a subset of RFID. NFC is a radio frequency based technology, which allows communication between devices in a short range.

Protected NFC cold storage hardware

Near Field Communication provides easy data connection over the air, without the need of any cables or ports.

Our cards are equipped with the highest quality NFC chips to benefit from the advantages of this contactless technology.

Every cards shipped with an RFID blocking sleeve to protect your cards from unauthorized access!

Easy usage with modern smartphones

Modern smartphones have an integrated NFC module on their backside, which can be used to interact with our cards. Due to the contactless technology, you only need to hold the card near to this module to access it.

Very secure NFC cold storage protection

Using this awesome technology, you can store your data on an NFC chip without the need of any active power supply.

Cards are open by default and work with any NFC software or app you like.

You can also use our mobile application to access additional features and security levels!

Cold storage protection for secret data

Cold storage means offline data storage without connection to the internet, and it is the best way to store your secret data.

Cold storage protection for important data

The NFC wallet card is a truly offline hardware, which is a huge advantage for security reasons. As a passive device, the chip simply does not have the ability to interact with it's environment, so you can be sure, you have full control over the hardware.

Exclusive and modern product design

As a green company, we decided to make an environmental friendly product, while providing an exclusive look and feel using the highest quality materials available.

Exclusive and environmental friendly product design

We developed a super sleek, extra lightweight design, the cards are 0.4 mm thin, and their weight is only 1.85 grams.

Product design

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