Advanced features of our mobile application

You can use all the additional security features with our free and easy-to-use application.

Creating a new wallet card

You can save your data to a new and empty wallet card using this feature. Creation of a new wallet card is just three easy steps:

1, You enter the data you want to store securely. This can be any kind of important secret text you want to protect. Check the technical overview for more info!

2, Select one of the security levels, and enter the details required by the chosen level.

3, Place the wallet card to the back of your mobile device to write the data to it.

Creating a new key card

This feature helps you to create a new key card by generating a very secure random encryption key and saving it to the key card.

Creation of a new key card is also very easy:

1, Select a security level you want to apply to the key card.

2, Enter the details required by the chosen security level.

3, Place the card to the back of your device and it will write the newly generated data to the key card.

Opening a wallet card

You can view the data stored on the wallet card by opening it. Opening a wallet card is really easy:

1, Scan the wallet card you want to open.

2, Enter the credentials required by the security level you used to create the wallet.

After you opened the wallet card successfully, you will be able to make modifications and save the edited data to the card.

Making a clone

You have the option to easily create backups of any cards you have. Of course this feature works for wallet and key cards too.

You only need to scan the card you want to clone, then use the other card to save a copy.

Clones will require the same credentials as the card you cloned.

Making cards readonly

In some cases it is very important to write protect your wallet or key cards to prevent overwrites.

This way nobody will be able to delete or overwrite data on your wallet card. Keep in mind that making a card readonly is a permanent operation and can not be undone.

Wiping data

When you don't need the data on the card anymore, you can clean it by wiping it's memory.

This operation will safely remove the data from the chip by overwriting all bytes on the card before emptying it to remove traces of previously stored data.

Security checklist

It is always a good practice to going through the security checklist before interacting with cards to protect yourself against unseen threats.

This checklist will suggest you some quick tasks like turning off networking, bluetooth, entering airplane mode and rebooting your device.

Safe exit

Always use the safe exit command to shut down the application!

This feature will explicitly overwrite and clean the memory which was used by the app to remove traces of data you entered during the last session.

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