Free and easy-to-use mobile application

You can use all the additional security features with our free and easy-to-use application.

Advanced features of our application

Our cards are open by default and work out-of-the-box with any NFC software and mobile application you like. The NFC chip comes preformatted to NDEF to ensure compatibility with smartphones.

NFC Wallet Card mobile application

However our mobile application contains additional features to make the usage of your cards more secure and easy.

Application features

Strict access policy

The application will only ask for the most essential access rights, and will have no access to any resource which is not really needed. It will never scan your contact, messages, media files, etc...

NFC cold storage hardware wallet card

For security reasons, our application is totally separated from the internet. The app will never reach or call any servers, and will never connect to the internet.

Before you start using newly purchased cards, you have to update the application using Google Play, or they will not work with the free version.

When you finish interacting with your cards, always use the "safe exit" button to shut down the app! This feature will wipe all previously used memory blocks, to completely remove any trace of your private data you entered.

Development progress

Currently we are working hard to finish the development of the Android application, which is supposed to be publicly available soon.

Our application will always have a free version which will work with all the cards we offer.

NFC cold storage data protection offline

As a new startup, we really could use any help to raise funds for the application development. If you like our project and you can afford, please donate to support our progress!

We need your help to finish the application.


Our future develepment plans

Shipping an iOS application is also a primary target as well, but unfortunately at the moment Apple does not allow apps to write NFC tags.

As soon as Apple will unlock this feature for developers, we will start to create an iOS application ASAP.

NFC cold storage hardware wallet card

We also plan to make an application version which works with all kind of supported NFC tags, not just our cards. This paid version will be available for a reasonable price.

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