Ultimate protection for sensitive data

NFC wallet card is a perfect solution to protect your sensitive data offline.

Sensitive data need to be protected

People have a lot of pieces of codes, which need to be protected and have to be kept in secret.

Offline, NFC based protection for sensitive data

There are PIN and PUK codes, bank authentication data and answers for security questions.

It's really hard to remember all kind of these sensitive data, but you should never store any on your computer or written down to a piece of paper.

Service providers like banks always warn you not to write these codes on a paper, but remember them. But we all know that it is really hard to remember all one-by-one.

Protection for your sensitive data

Our wallet cards can be used to easily secure sensitive data. The only way to keep data secure is to encrypt and store it offline.

NFC wallet card protects sensitive data

This is the reason why we developed the NFC wallet card, which is a perfect way to securely store your important data.

With our free and easy-to-use application you can choose from multiple kind of security levels, so you can be sure that your data is protected securely, even if others can physically access the cards you used.

Technical overview

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