Additional level of security using the key card

The key card provides an additional level of security for your wallet cards to improve the protection of your data.

Key card is a hardware key

You can choose from multiple security levels when using our application. Most of these security levels apply data encryption before storing your secret on the wallet card.

Key card is secure hardware key used for data encryption

You can use the key card to encrypt your data without remembering the encryption password.

Key cards are empty by default, you can fill them with newly generated encryption key data using our application.

Our application

Key card as a 2FA hardware

Two-factor-authentication is a proven way to improve the security of your protected data. This technique is widely used by the biggest IT companies for a reason.

Literally the 2FA key is a super strong encryption password you don't need to remember, because it is stored on the hardware itself.

Key card is 2FA hardware key for improved security

You can have the key card as a 2FA hardware using security level three.

This way attackers will not be able to get their hands on your data even if they know your encryption password.

How to use it for security purposes

When you create your wallet card using our free app you can choose to have a key card added to the setup.

2FA NFC key card hardware for advanced security

Due to the multiple type of security levels we provide, you can utilize the benefits of this additional protection easily.

You can protect unlimited number of wallet cards with a single key card, which makes your life much easier.

Security levels

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