Secure cold storage
data protection for

cryptocurrencies, passwords
and sensitive data

NFC Wallet Card

We have developed the NFC wallet card for one simple reason. To help people to easily and securely store their valuable secret data.

Smart protection for your most important secret data

NFC data protection for important secret data

Our mission is to provide a secure and easy-to-use solution for sensitive data protection. We all have important passwords, codes and other kind of secret data, but most people do not know how to protect these properly. Fortunately you can use the new NFC wallet card to securely store your valuable information easily.

Protect your most important data with this new smart technology!

Contactless usage with most modern smartphones

NFC cold storage data protection

NFC is a great technology that provides data connection over the air, without the need of any cables or ports. Modern smartphones have an integrated NFC module on their backside, which can be used to interact with our cards. Due to the contactless technology, you only need to hold the card near to this module to access it.

Sounds easy right? It is!

Exclusive and environmental friendly product design

NFC cold storage hardware wallet card

We developed a super sleek, extra lightweight design, the cards are 0.4 mm thin, and their weight is only 1.85 grams. As a green company, we decided to make an environmental friendly product, while providing an exclusive look and feel using the highest quality materials available. Our cards have a six-layer design and contain only 0.2725 grams of plastic.

This means 94.7% less plastic consumption compared to regular plastic cards.

Cold storage hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies

NFC cold storage hardware wallet for any kind of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, ripple's xrp, litecoin, monero and more

The NFC wallet card natively supports any kind of cryptocurrencies, which are based on a private key or a secret code. Yes you read it right. Any! Even those that not exist yet. The most important goal we achieved during the development of our product is the outstanding security it has. The NFC hardware we have integrated to the wallet card always remains offline, so the biggest security issue is solved by the architecture itself. Every cards shipped with an RFID blocking sleeve to protect your cards from unauthorized access!

NFC wallet card is a perfect way to create an encrypted offline backup of your private key!

Protected offline password container

Secure offline password protection

Ultimate protection for important passwords using the newest contactless technology. NFC wallet card protects your passwords by keeping them offline to prevent hackers accessing your accounts. Because of the passive NFC architecture and our strict application policy, you can securely store and view your passwords, while being offline.

If you have an account you can not afford to loose, use our wallet card, and secure your password as soon as you can!

Outstanding protection for sensitive data

Offline, NFC based protection for sensitive data

NFC wallet card protects your sensitive data to help you keeping it private and offline, while giving you the ability to access it any time when you need it. Our wallet cards can be used to easily secure sensitive data. The only way to keep data secure is to encrypt and store it offline. This is the reason why we developed the NFC wallet card, which is a perfect way to securely store your important data.

Get your new NFC wallet card to protect your sensitive data!

Free all-in-one application

NFC wallet card mobile application

Cards are open by default and work out-of-the-box with any NFC software and mobile application you like. However our free mobile application comes with additional features to easily and securely manage all of your cards. The application can handle multiple security levels to provide data encryption and has additional tools to encrypt, decrypt, clone, erase and lock your cards.

Get started today! It is free.

Additional security with the key card

Hardware key security using the NFC key card

NFC wallet cards can have an additional level of security by having a key card added to your encryption setup. Technically the key card is a very secure hardware key. You can use the key card to encrypt your data without remembering the encryption password. If you secure the wallet card using a key card, you can access the protected data only if you have access to that key card too.

You can protect unlimited number of wallet cards with a single key card, which makes things much easier.

Get your hands on the new wallet card